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The restrictions on cigarette displays have been continuously increasing. This has moved to another level where a ban has been issued effective April 2015. Though many may think it is a long time away, Expottuto Company understands that it is just but a few months to go. This is the reason why they have introduced a new overhead cigarette dispenser in the market. This complies with the public health act. This product from Expottuto targets to ensure that traders do not end up on the wrong side of the law.

EXPOTUTTO – Tobacco Display

Server tab has been created with all display ban considerations in mind. Retailers and convenient store owners are the target group for this product. If you want to be in a position where you serve your customers better and at the same time keep within the law as far as cigarette display is concerned, then servertab is the product for you.
You may be wondering why you should choose this product form Expottuto over others. The answer is simple. Servertab allows you to serve your customer better. This is because you do not need to turn backwards when serving your clients. This brings about a sense of appreciation by the customers. You will also be in a position to spot impostor thieves posing as customers since your eyes will be on the customers all the time. The server tab improves security to some extent. The most important reason for acquiring sever tab however is to stay away from legal trouble.

Expottuto strives to help you make the necessary adjustments by producing the server tab dispenser. The encourage you to take action early and not to wait until the law forces you to comply. With Expottuto, you will be able to avoid making losses because of the 2008 cigarette act ban. If you make use of this dispenser, there is a possibility of encouraging customers to buy on impulse. This is because of the freed space behind the counter that promotes accessibility in the shop.

Server tab’s advantages continue to increase. With the clear transparent view that it allows, customers will be able to see exactly what they want. The neat arrangement of cigarettes in the dispenser is another attracting factor. Customers will be stimulated to buy. From this, it is obvious that as convenient store owner you need to get yourself a severtab to boost your cigarette sales.

In addition, this dispenser from Expottuto is convenient to use. It does not matter what height a salesperson is. With servertab, you can adjust the height to a convenient level for use. Also on the merits, with this dispenser you can afford to move about freely. Its installation allows more room for moment making your work as the retailer easier. You do not have to strain in order to comply with the law. Make a point of acquiring a servertab early before it is too late.

Tobacco Display Ban

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