PM China 2015, another key event for Sacmi

International conference and exhibition on powder metallurgy to be held in Shanghai from 27th to 29th April

Following the huge success of the 2014 edition, Sacmi will again be taking part in the most important Chinese event dedicated to metal powders, PM China 2015, to be held at the end of April.

 Expectations for this new edition are now even higher thanks to a doubling of car sales in China, the main destination market for components produced by the “metal powder” sector.

Sacmi will be there with its own exhibition area – stand A080 – to illustrate its latest technological innovations for pressing and firing. The presses in the MPH range are used on no less than four continents, the Orient included, thanks to innovative design and highly efficient control systems; what’s more, outstanding output quality ensures excellent scope for personalisation and considerable cuts in manufacturing costs.

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So, you learned how to use Instagram, but now you want find new ways to raise your popularity? That’s not easy, but there are some hints you could use.

I don’t say i know how to get famous on Instagram, but if you follow my suggestions you should be able to engage more followers!

Let’s start with HASHTAGS. Like on Twitter, on Instagram is possible to tag your pictures to raise visibility. Choose right Hashtags is very important, but how to choose them? Follow these two guidelines: relevancy and popularity. If a tag is relevant but not popular, or it’s popular but not relevant, you won’t get much results. For example, if you post a picture of your cat, you could tag #cat, #cats, #cute, #pets and so on, these are very popular tags and they are very relevant for your picture. You can also tag popular tags like #girl #fashion #sunset… but if someone is looking for a sunset is very unlikely he will click a picture of a cat. So my suggestion is: popular AND relevant.

Instagram allows up to 30 tags for each picture, and deleting them to put new ones doesn’t work anymore, so choose carefully!
Also choose TOO popular tags can be less effective than choosing, for example, a medium popular tag. That’s because a very popular tag get thousand of tags every minute, and your picture would be visible in that window for less than a second!

A good app to find popular and categorized tags is TagsForLikes. You can download it on your smartphone or consulting it on the web.

If you are a musician or you like music theme photo, you can tag #bestmusicshots. Your picture could even be featured and you will get a free shoutout, or you can book one at WWW.BESTMUSICSHOTS.COM

The road to popularity on Instagram starts from here!

La Mamita innovative line of ethnic handmade clothes in alpaca wool

La Mamita is a clothing company with an innovative line of ethnic handmade clothes in alpaca wool.


This company has created a new generation of ethnic fashion, with new models of handmade multi-coloured sweaters, with refined ethnic geometrical patterns, soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Moreover, LaMamita is inspired by the old woollen handmade garments once made by our grandmothers, offering an original collection of knitted unique  dresses.

The items produced by this brand follow different fashion styles satisfying  a variety of tastes.

As you can see in the online showcase,  women’s winter woollen dresses and cotton summer dresses are available all throughout the year.


In the winter store LaMamita, you can choose among a beautiful collection of winter ethnic clothing, a classic collection knit clothing and a casual wool knit clothing.

The choice of the colors and their natural pigmentation create a pleasant vision. All models presented are of excellent workmanship and quality and express beauty with their line and simplicity.

In the shop “summer” the bright colours of the clothes handmade with cotton fabrics, originating of Guatemala, herald the arrival of spring.

Together with colourful clothing, there are also beautiful  plain colour dresses,   handmade in excellent Peruvian cotton whose freshness is known.

La Mamita has turned its attention also to children, creating a line of  infant clothing from 0 to 15 years.

Easy, fast and clear is the part dedicated to selling online. Easily accessible from the home page and supported by clear and detailed product sheets, La Mamita offers the opportunity to choose our item to the smallest detail reporting, and where necessary, even the colours of the design of the items. LaMamita also helps us suggesting pairing tips and possible combinations of style. The purchase are easy because the web site is so well structured.

But this company is even more surprising in the final moment, when we expect the arrive of the package. Over that surprisingly fast, once opened shows us an article of a quality beyond our imagination.

Finally, speaking of the relationship with the company, we can say that with La Mamita, born a new type of e-commerce where the relationship between seller and buyer is tangible, always friendly and extremely courteous.

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What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil is extracted from the fruits (drupes) of the olive tree, which belongs to Dicotiledonee, Olacee family, genus Olea, species Olea europaea L.
According to international study conducted in Sweden, the monounsaturated fats in olive oil have a protective action against the breasts of women.
Olive oil, is ally of Cardiovascular system, bones and skin.

Properties of olive oil

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat composed almost entirely of triglycerides; fatty acids are the most represented oleic, linoleic and palmitic acid. It is a food with many virtues. Essential during childhood as it contributes to increasing body, the process of myelination of the brain and bone formation, the oil is also an adjunct in resistance to infection.

During adulthood is effective in the prevention of disorders of the arteries and heart, and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, has a function for anti-aging skin and bones because it is rich in vitamin E, which protects against decalcification, osteoporosis and fractures.
Among the constituents, together with vitamin E, beta-carotene (provitamin A) and a whole series of antioxidants such as phenolic compounds.

The olive oil, is a product of agri-food tradition of the Mediterranean, it is the star of Italian food industry.
The good oil is recognized from the tasting, clarified the expert who advised not to choose according to the label, but according to taste.

Visually must be neither too thick nor too fluid, while at the level of taste must be fresh, harmonious and highly digestible. If you want buy the better you have to buy oil from Agricola Pannarale.
The olives are picked and pressed (squeezed) by mechanical methods, but Pannarale totally excluded the use of chemical means.
The result of squeezing must be left to settle for two to three months or filtered to remove the skins and the water.

An oil of the best Apulian tradition, pure and refined that collects the favor of all tastes and that has a good quality and authenticity.
If you want to try the oil quality choose Pannarale order from site you can choose to buy different types of extra virgin olive oil, they have the most rustic, unfiltered and the more light and delicate called just “Gentile”.

Bellagio Villas and Homes on Lake Como

Your palace awaits you at Bellagio villas at Lake Como, Italy. Return to a period of luxury estate living on a tranquil lake and surrounded by robust mountains. This is the location of your next manor. “Home,” does not capture all of the amenities you will enjoy in this pristine estate.

The Bellagio villas and estate manor Bellagio homes located at Lake Como are built with superior craftsmanship and each manor is designed and constructed to last for generations. Your luxury villa is a neighborhood onto itself and is surrounded by absolute beauty.

Lake Como is a place of splendor with many things to do or simply visit to enjoy the beauty and luxury of the area. A simply walk with a loved one is available on the Greenway walk, which traverses the hillsides around Lake Como and through several picturesque villages.

Just because you are in the lap of luxury does not mean you miss out on some of the special treats that Italy is known for. Olive oil, pizza and fish are plentiful in Lake Como. Fresh perch caught the same day can be prepared before you. Small pizza shops such as Pizzeria Balognett will convert you to traditional stove baked pizza. You can not find fresher olive oil than in the Lake Como basin. In various locations you can have the olive oil cold pressed in front of you.

No place in the world can compete with the views at Lake Como. From the pristine beaches at Lido de Leno’s sandy oasis to the majestic Villa Balbianello, the film site of “Casino Royale,” every turn of the corner in Lake Como is breath taking.

As an example of traditional Mediterranean style villa and manor architecture, the trademark character of a home is the craftsmanship and quality of construction in all of these villas and manors. When you purchase a villa in Bellagio you are investing in the finest quality construction materials.
The Lake Como region is the perfect location for your new Bellagio homes. Tiered hills against a sunlit, lake filled valley will exceed all of your romantic expectations. You will feel rejuvenated as your mind, body and soul returns to the simple life of luxury. You will appreciate the privacy the Lake Como residents afford each other. We are sure that after only one visit, you will be drawn to come back and make your home at Bellagio villas on Lake Como, Italy.

What is clean room partition?

Clean rooms are usually very unique in terms of the way they are constructed. They have almost all the components incorporated in them during construction to suit the applications and also to meet the standard requirements.
In the modern world, we have the Iclean which offers a complete range of clean room partitions and ceiling systems. The systems usually meet the technical requirements of high high specification controlled environments such as the Biotech and Microelectronics, Food processing as well as the Phamaceuticals. For the housing of dedicated services such as the HEPA filters, the ceiling panels are usually non-particle shedding. They also have walkable ceilings panels and feature pre-formed cut-outs. In addition to that, these clean houses also have non particle sheddings which are the standard requirements for their construction.

The modular clean room ceiling and walls systems are usually evaluated by the independent testing agencies and usually have to meet very stringent and tight requirements of the FDA and other testing agencies.
It is important to note that every component usually comes with a guarantee of performance. These components are chemical resistant apart from also being water resistant. They also have excellent protection against fire. The modular cleanroom components are also impact resistant meaning that they can not be easily damaged by shock or an external force against them.
Furthermore, the system can also be unmounted and then reconfigured enabling the client to respond to the changes in the market demands without having to cause major dsruptions in the production. This property added to the fact that the clean rooms can be sanitized and are maintenance free make them a major preference in the modern society in the world of technology.

clean room partition

The cleanroom partitions have easy integration with process piping and process services. The windows, doors and frames are flush with the walls. Apart from that, they are very easy to clean. All these superb features are meant to enable the clients get superior products, better value for money and also to fully benefit from the expertise. You may wonder how the products are made or manufactured. Well, these products are manufactured in highly controlled environments. The components are consistent in form, function and fit. There is a component template that enables the architects and engineers to readily adopt the process to any requirement and then to quickly draw up flexible and creative floor plans.
Furthermore, there is a unique pedestal/base rail. This rail allows a completely sealed transition from the floor cover to the wall. the walls and the ceilings are constructed using materials that do not allow the growth of microbial organisms. As a result they remain strong and cannot be destroyed by these small organisms at any one time.
All these features make the cleanroom a suitable option for the users who may wish to use it.

Tobacco Display ban – EXPOTUTTO have SERVERTAB

The restrictions on cigarette displays have been continuously increasing. This has moved to another level where a ban has been issued effective April 2015. Though many may think it is a long time away, Expottuto Company understands that it is just but a few months to go. This is the reason why they have introduced a new overhead cigarette dispenser in the market. This complies with the public health act. This product from Expottuto targets to ensure that traders do not end up on the wrong side of the law.

EXPOTUTTO – Tobacco Display

Server tab has been created with all display ban considerations in mind. Retailers and convenient store owners are the target group for this product. If you want to be in a position where you serve your customers better and at the same time keep within the law as far as cigarette display is concerned, then servertab is the product for you.
You may be wondering why you should choose this product form Expottuto over others. The answer is simple. Servertab allows you to serve your customer better. This is because you do not need to turn backwards when serving your clients. This brings about a sense of appreciation by the customers. You will also be in a position to spot impostor thieves posing as customers since your eyes will be on the customers all the time. The server tab improves security to some extent. The most important reason for acquiring sever tab however is to stay away from legal trouble.

Expottuto strives to help you make the necessary adjustments by producing the server tab dispenser. The encourage you to take action early and not to wait until the law forces you to comply. With Expottuto, you will be able to avoid making losses because of the 2008 cigarette act ban. If you make use of this dispenser, there is a possibility of encouraging customers to buy on impulse. This is because of the freed space behind the counter that promotes accessibility in the shop.

Server tab’s advantages continue to increase. With the clear transparent view that it allows, customers will be able to see exactly what they want. The neat arrangement of cigarettes in the dispenser is another attracting factor. Customers will be stimulated to buy. From this, it is obvious that as convenient store owner you need to get yourself a severtab to boost your cigarette sales.

In addition, this dispenser from Expottuto is convenient to use. It does not matter what height a salesperson is. With servertab, you can adjust the height to a convenient level for use. Also on the merits, with this dispenser you can afford to move about freely. Its installation allows more room for moment making your work as the retailer easier. You do not have to strain in order to comply with the law. Make a point of acquiring a servertab early before it is too late.